The Metro Manila Earthquake Impact Reduction Study (2004) estimates 34,000 deaths due to building collapses during the Big One– a magnitude 7.2 earthquake to be generated by the West Valley Fault– and additional 18,000 due to the fire spreading after the earthquake event.

Today’s #MMShakeDrill intends to minimize the impact of the Big One, by promoting a culture of preparedness among Metro Manila residents.

What you probably don’t realize is that an ongoing disaster has been claiming even more lives for decades now.

Citing Global Burden of Disease (2015), Tobacco-Free Kids (2017) reports that over 103, 600 Filipinos die from smoking-related diseases each year. More than 23% of male deaths and 12% of female deaths are caused by tobacco smoke.

By supporting the strict implementation of tobacco control policies in schools and communities, you also help save lives of thousands of people.

In schools, DO 48, s. 2016 mandates the Child Protection Committee to monitor compliance with and report violations of the following bans:
Bans on smoking
1. Ban on smoking in schools and DepEd offices
2. Ban on establishing smoking areas within 10 meters of the entrances of such premises

Bans on selling
3. Ban on the sale of tobacco products in and within the 100-meter perimeter of schools
4. Ban on tobacco advertising within the 100-meter perimeter of schools
5. Ban on promotional items for minors
6. Ban on the distribution of samples of tobacco products to minors

Bans on sponsorships
7. Ban on tobacco sponsorships of any school activity
8. Ban on receiving any form of contribution directly or indirectly from the tobacco industry
9. Ban on dealing with the tobacco industry

How do you help in ensuring that these bans are strictly enforced in your school or community?