It’s the National Teachers’ Month!

During this time, we honor those who are in the teaching profession, acknowledge and give emphasis on the crucial role, loyal service, and dedicated commitment of teachers in developing globally-minded citizens, nurturing families, strengthening communities, and building the nation, and express gratitude for the positive influences of teachers on Filipino learners.

One way that teachers are able to positively influence our learners, and in effect build the nation, is by helping prevent tobacco use among our learners. This is possible through the strict implementation of DepEd Order No. 48, s. 2016, or the Policy and Guidelines on Comprehensive Tobacco Control.

What are some of the things that teachers should remember about DepEd’s comprehensive tobacco control policy?

  1. The policy prohibits smoking in and on the premises, buildings, and grounds of the DepEd and all schools. These acts shall be penalized in administrative proceedings as Grave or Simple Misconduct depending on the gravity of the act and its consequences, under existing laws, rules, and regulations. The policy covers activities held outside DepEd or school premises. Teachers who smoke are encouraged to quit smoking and to seek cessation services.
  2. The policy aims to educate and inform all teachers on the hazards of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke, adverse socio-economic and environmental consequences of tobacco production and consumption, and tobacco control policies and tactics of the tobacco industry.
  3. The Child Protection Committee, of which the Faculty President is a member, shall oversee the implementation of the policy.
  4. Teachers are prohibited from accepting any gift, donation, or sponsorship, directly or indirectly, from the tobacco industry. This includes scholarships coursed through private companies as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts, or through non-government organizations and foundations, that receive funding from tobacco companies.
  5. The policy mandates DepEd to develop an evidence-based effective education program, including the use of graphic health warning templates and information on the strategies of the tobacco industry, that can be integrated into the existing curricula of all public and private elementary and secondary schools and alternative delivery modes of education.

Read more about the policy HERE.