Incident Report

Witnessed a possible violation of DO 48, s. 2016, or the Policy and Guidelines on Comprehensive Tobacco Control?

Fill-out the form below to file a complaint or report an incident.
Report one incident or one complaint at a time. Fill out the form anew for each incident, if reporting multiple incidents.

Smoking inside the school/DepEd OfficeStores selling tobacco products within 100-meter perimeterAdvertising of tobacco within 100-meter perimeterViolation of CSC-DOH JMC No.2010-01*Other

*Violation of CSC-DOH JMC No.2010-01:

  • (1) Unnecessary Interaction with the Tobacco Industry;
  • (2) Preferential Treatment to the Tobacco Industry;
  • (3) Accepting Gifts, Donations, and Sponsorships;
  • (4) Financial Interest to the Tobacco Industry;
  • (5) Accepting Analogous Favors;
  • (6) Conflict of Interest;
  • (7) Engaging in an Occupational Activity within the Tobacco Industry

**Others: Violations not included in the foregoing enumerations

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