Project Director Usec. Alberto Muyot and Assistant Project Director Dr. Ella Naliponguit unveil the project logo and the characters of the WAIS Child Protection Committee

PASIG CITY, August 1, 2017—Further intensifying its fight against tobacco, the Department of Education (DepEd) today launched EskweLA BAN sa Sigarilyo, a project implemented in partnership with the Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund, aimed at strengthening the implementation of the Department’s comprehensive tobacco control policy.

The project brand EskweLA BAN sa Sigarilyo is a play on the Filipino words eskwelalaban, and eskwela ban to communicate that schools (eskwela), through the school’s bans (eskwela ban), are on a collective fight (laban) against tobacco (sigarilyo).

Intended to carry two meanings—either the school’s bans on cigarettes or the school’s fight against tobacco— EskweLA BAN sa Sigarilyo aims to increase public awareness of the bans stipulated in DepEd Order (DO) No. 48, s. 2016. or the Policy and Guidelines on Comprehensive Tobacco Control, and to build the capacity of schools to effectively take a stand against tobacco by implementing the strategies enumerated in DO 48.

DO 48 mandates the Child Protection Committee (CPC), chaired by the principal, to monitor compliance with and report violations of various tobacco control policies, such as: 1) bans on smoking in schools; 2) bans on the sale and advertisement of tobacco products within the 100-meter perimeter of schools; and 3) bans on receiving sponsorships from the tobacco industry and other unnecessary interactions with the tobacco industry.